Despite Jude being helpful on the farm when some cows escape, David refuses to soften his line causing Pip to walk away.

Radio Times: Matt cranks up the pressure, and a crisis at Brookfield brings Jude to the farm.

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  • David is having another row with Pip when Jude appears. David is initially furious but has to accept his help when he says he’s spotted some cows have got out. He manages a very grudging thanks.
  • Susan lets Jim know that Jill is planning a cooking video with Josh and he is suddenly very interested. She is planning Aunty Prue’s steak and kidney pudding.
  • Matt has a date for his release. He is a bit unsure about whether Lilian really wants him back but she assures him it will be a new start. But he instantly then returns to ask about her fronting the new business and that leads to another row about whether she will get involved.
  • David has a heart to heart with Jill about Pip and Jude. They miss her now she is away but he is still convinced Jude isn’t right for her. He can’t back down.
  • Later Pip uses the morning’s incident as a chance to try to talk to David about Jude and the farm and tries to persuade him that he shouldn’t be forcing her to choose. But David won’t give in and Pip walks away saying it is David’s problem not hers.

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