Ruth’s missing Pip and regretting the ban on Jude.

Radio Times: Brenda prepares for the challenge ahead, and Josh gives Spielberg a run for his money.

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  • Jill’s cooking demonstration for Josh’s camera of Auntie Pru’s steak and kidney pudding goes well. She knocks spots off those TV chefs. Pip misses out on Brookfield’s lunch. It sounds like she’s cooking Sunday lunch for Jude and his mates.
  • Brenda’s all organised, ready to start work as the advertisement agency’s junior account executive. Washing and ironing done, and a week’s worth of food for Tom in the freezer.
  • Kenton regrets Jaxx’s refurb has meant less time with Kathy. And he’s promised Meriel to go and see her as soon as Jaxx is up and running.
  • Ruth’s missing Pip. She used to be a sensible girl until Jude. And her exams are in just a couple of weeks. Jill senses David regrets banning Jude from the farm. Ruth agrees. Neither of them knew if would mean Pip staying away so much. Jill urges compromise.
  • David finds steak and kidney pudding isn’t the fare for playing afternoon cricket; he’s stuffed. He’s also avoiding Alistair who’s recruiting for the single wicket competition. There’s a low subscription this year, but David’s too busy on the farm and needs to spend more time with his kids.

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