Joe is rumbled; Leon still is not.

Radio Times: Vicky shows Joe her assertive side.

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  • However good Lower Loxley’s event is, Pat doesn’t have time to go; Helen certainly enjoyed it and Pat is surprised how enthusiastically she waxes about baby Oscar. Pat has another try to meet Leon by inviting him to Bridge Farm for Christmas; Helen is not sure he would want to but she will ask him.
  • In the cruck barn all is going well. However, things might not go well much longer: Elizabeth wants a word with Joe – outside.
  • Brenda’s photographs have caught Joe in the act: there are price tags on the kissing boughs and he is clearly selling cider punch – in a building not covered by their licence. Elizabeth might have known Joe would take advantage but it’s the last time Joe makes a fool of her. He has one hour to clear away the offending items.
  • The showdown over, Vicky seeks out Elizabeth and negotiates a compromise. She too is not best pleased about being hoodwinked through Joe being economical with the truth but there is a genuine demand for the kissing boughs. Elizabeth warns her that she has a lot to learn about the Grundys but agrees to allow the sale of kissing boughs with 20% to Lower Loxley; but the cider punch must go! By the time Vicky relays this to Joe she has added 20% for herself too and she warns him not to dare to make a fool of her again.
  • When Helen calls in at his bar, Leon is ever so busy, first with a big round of drinks and then with sending a text. Eventually he finds the time to hear and turn down Pat’s invitation, initially rather aggressively: he would be more comfortable with his mates. The odd thing is that Helen doesn’t find this odd; she will see him after Christmas.

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