Jolene asks her accountant about selling The Bull but it’s not worth as much as she hoped.

Radio Times: Jolene seeks advice and there is a new experience in store for Henry.

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  • Jolene seems to be trying to avoid Kenton after his avoidance of her yesterday. She has seen her accountant about the possibility of selling The Bull but she wouldn’t get much – about £225k, minus what she will have to put into trust for Jamie. Not much for 40 years of Sid’s life. But it’s not a good time to be selling a pub. Randomly Tony suggests Jolene has a holiday and escapes from the pub for a while.
  • Helen is clearly getting very tired. Tony tries to interest her in the Bridge Farm cropping plan but he ends up babysitting while she sleeps instead. Whether Helen will approve of him taking Henry to The Bull is a different matter. Mike and Eddie think he’ll be spending a lot of time there in the future. Eddie tells them about his birthday treat at the races. Will and Nic have got it all planned including a minibus so they can all drink. Hard to believe Eddie, Mike and Tony are all 60.
  • When Tony gets back to Helen’s flat she is less than impressed to find he’s been out at The Bull for hours. But she decides it isn’t important and she is pleased they had a good time but she should have asked her first.

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