Phoebe is obviously anxious about flying back from South Africa on her own.

Radio Times: Phoebe has got something on her mind and Jill comes to the rescue at Brookfield.

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  • Brookfield is still under pressure with David away during lambing. Pip is having to stand in even though she’d rather be going out with Izzy. Ruth snaps at her because she has had enough and has to apologise. When David gets back he promises the farm will have his undivided attention. Ruth doesn’t sound too sure.
  • Brian is delayed getting back from Paris and it brings out that Phoebe is nervous about flying back from South Africa on her own. She tries to persuade Kate to fly back with her but Kate tells her she’ll be fine – she can’t spend all her time with Phoebe. Otherwise, Brian had a good time in Paris. It was interesting watching Lilian and Matt working together. They are a formidable pair.

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