Jolene plans a riotous hen night; Bert (thankfully) decides not to go to the Royal; Sid is prepared to allow Dross to use the Bull – but no Jazzer

Radio Times: Sid has a proposition for Fallon.

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  • The Herefords seem to be going well but they will need to see some cash coming in before they can get another bull. Ruth still isn’t keen on Bert coming to the Royal and he seems a bit less keen too.
  • Jolene is planning a trip to see some male “body builders” at her hen night. Fallon is not convinced. She is still pretty upset that Dross haven’t got anywhere to rehearse but Sid is not up to agreeing yet. Sid is very happy to help local groups while the village hall is out of action – but not Dross.
  • Turns out that Bert and Freda don’t want to go to the Royal after all. It’s very tiring at their age but they don’t want to upset Ruth. David will try to break it to her gently.
  • Sid isn’t interested in whether Dross folds. Fallon would be better off without them but Sid still isn’t prepared to give in. They’ve spotted Joe with his pony and trap. Maybe he is looking to pull the women in that!
  • Sid has reconsidered about the band. Dross can come back to play as long as there are no more drugs, but more importantly, if there is no more Jazzer. Fallon says she will have to think about it.

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