Tim and Janet are caught kissing by Susan; Jenny makes big plans for Phoebe’s birthday; Siobhán wants to be higher on Brian’s list of priorities

Radio Times: Caught in the act.

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  • Jennifer is making plans for Kate’s visit. She wants everyone to have a great time including Lucas. Kate is bound to be very different. She will have matured so much since her wedding. Brian won’t be able to get away much though with Debbie laid up. Andy isn’t a great shepherd. Debbie is certainly suffering. She can hardly walk and is persuaded to ring Tim.
  • Susan takes the message from Debbie and goes to ask Tim if he can see her but instead sees Tim and Janet in a rather – ehemm – compromising position.
  • Brian and Siobhán are still revelling in love’s not quite so young dreams. Brian wants to see more of her (how is that possible?) but they might fit in lunch on Thursday. Siobhán thinks she can probably fit him in. Turns out she has a photo of the two of them together at the masked ball – no doubt very relevant for the future.
  • Doesn’t take the Ambridge gossip to start spreading. Susan makes sure Betty knows it wasn’t just a friendly collegial hug at the surgery. Tim really should have made more of an effort to keep the marriage together with a baby on the way. Tim, of course, is there to overhear the rumours.
  • Jennifer is planning Phoebe’s birthday party but she seems to have forgotten to ask Roy and Hayley. Debbie’s foot is very infected. She has to avoid putting all weight on it.
  • Tim and Janet are bothered the gossip has started. But never mind – the truth will come out, it always does.
  • Brian thinks he might not get that chance for lunch with Siobhán on Thursday. He’s going to busy with Debbie laid up. Siobhán doesn’t see it like that though. It’s all a question of priorities and she needs to be higher up!

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