Josh does the milking. Tom does the milking.

Radio Times: Plans are brewing at Bridge Farm, and Josh thinks about his future.

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  • Josh returns from a trip to the cinema and offers to help Ruth with the milking – for an agreed sum. He tells her that he wants to be a dairy farmer, not least because it is a family tradition. Ruth finds it hard to sound enthusiastic in the light of David’s recent pronouncement on the future of the herd.
  • Brenda helps Pat prepare a meal before they plan their strategy for the public meeting about the mega-dairy. Brenda is hoping to bid successfully for Harry in the promises auction, but when she learns that Sabrina is also bidding, fears she may not win. Pat has had an encouraging meeting with Samuel, who is co-ordinating the campaign to supply wholesalers with British produce. In particular they want salad crops and garlic, but it appears that organic produce is unlikely to fetch a premium. Tom arrives, having actually done the milking for once, but is, as usual, more concerned about his ready meals than any mega-dairy.
  • Ruth arrives for the meeting, and they all agree they must prepare really well, as they have no idea who BL will be putting up against them at the public meeting. Pat will send a letter to every member of the planning committee. Meanwhile they wonder how Adam will handle the situation.

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