Love is in the air for Ambridge’s young couples and Lynda goes on the offensive.

Radio Times: Lynda faces friction at the meeting. Meanwhile there is a Valentine’s Day surprise for Nic.

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  • As Neil finishes the painting at 6 The Green, Bert is full of praise. They both realise how little Tracy has done towards it, but Neil has no time to stop as he has to get to the meeting of the Parish Council.
  • Will and Nic set off for their Valentine’s meal at The Feathers, and meet Alice and Chris, who are celebrating in a rather lower key with a DVD and a Chinese takeaway. Will insists on buying Nic a red rose from a street seller, and Alice quickly stops Chris from following suit; they need to save every penny for the business.
  • Lynda dominates the Parish Council proceedings by appointing herself Beacon master for the Jubilee. They will have to ask David’s permission to light it on Lakey Hill. Jill offers to do that, but Lynda pulls rank and insists that the Beacon master must do it. Jill is allowed to coordinate the picnic on the green.
  • Nic is overwhelmed by the wonderful meal and champagne, but worried about driving home. Will has one more treat for her; they are staying at The Feathers. Clarrie has packed a bag for Nic, and will sleep over with the children. Nothing is too good for Will’s wife, it seems. Back in Ambridge, Alice is delighted with Chris’s home made Chinese decorations, and assures him that she has no wish for the kind of evening Nic and Will have planned. For Alice it is the perfect evening, and she tells Chris how much she loves him. It seems that Chris loves her, too
  • Lynda is strident in her opposition to Brian’s planning application, and fails to understand why Neil should try to represent the arguments in favour of it. Lynda recognises the money and resources at BL’s disposal, and intends to match them in her campaign to have the application overturned.
  • As Neil returns to fetch his brushes, Bert tells him again how much he appreciates what Neil has done. But there is one thing; the hall looks very dingy in comparison. Maybe Neil could see his way to giving that a coat of emulsion.

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