Josh is angry because his business has suffered since he worked the farm during Pip’s maternity leave; Freddie takes no responsibility for his actions but Johnny plainly tells him they are friends no longer.

Radio Times: Johnny loses his cool

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  • Josh is desperate for Rex to come and work. He tries to convince Rex he needs to forget the pigs and picking for Adam to work on machinery. Pip pays Rex a compliment on the pigs and he is happy to hear that after all the criticism from his dad. Josh, though, says he must cancel the farm meeting because he has too much work and he has fallen badly behind. Pip is very disappointed because she wants to catch up on what’s been happening on the farm. Josh says, sorry, but his business is more important and it has taken a hit since Pip has been busy giving birth.
  • Toby and Rex talk while changing Rosie’s nappy. They discuss their father and his determination to get Toby to marry Pip. Rex is out of sorts because their father offered Toby the Fairbrother engagement ring which had been promised to Rex. Well, he’s not as bad as their mother and Hans, quips Toby. Pip bursts in and loudly complains about Josh. This disturbs Rosie who begins to cry. After quieting the baby, Pip reveals all about Josh’s refusal to have the meeting.
  • Freddie interrupts Johnny as he works on the farm. Johnny is cool toward his friend as Freddie complains about the police taking his phone. Why hasn’t Johnny been in touch since Freddie gave his new number to Johnny’s grandfather? Johnny is noncommittal. Freddie wants Johnny to call Lily; she won’t answer Freddie’s calls and he is a bit worried. Johnny replies that if Lily wanted to speak to Freddie, she would answer. Finally, Johnny flatly refuses after Freddie keeps coming up with arguments. Freddie then says they might not have to cancel their trip even though Kate has forbidden Freddie from talking to Noluthando. Freddie breezily notes he will only get a fine and community service.
  • Pip asks Rex if he is a bit down. Toby notes it is their dad and Rex needs to ignore him. Rex states he would rather stay with Rosie than drive the taxi this afternoon. Josh bursts in and pointedly asks Rex if he is busy. Toby tells Rosie her rude uncle has come to see her. No, I haven’t, Josh crossly answers. I have come to see Pip. Ruth has talked to Josh and he has a compromise. He is free one afternoon this week for the farm meeting but Pip can’t make that day because she is supposed to register Rosie’s birth. Toby is surprisingly practical and notes they can change the appointment at the Registry Office. Problem solved.
  • Freddie accuses Johnny of doing the same thing at the Isle of Wight festival. He bought an e tablet there. Johnny says there is a world of difference between dealing and trying it once. Freddie spins a tale of exoneration where he was caught up in something he didn’t understand. Johnny stops him and makes Freddie admit he knowingly crossed the line. Freddie wasn’t addicted nor did he need the money; he just dealt drugs because he could. Johnny brings up the brick through the window and says Freddie chose to protect Ellis rather than Johnny, his friend. Johnny plainly says he is not Freddie’s mate, not any more. Freddie whines he thought Johnny would come and speak for him before the magistrate. Johnny is incredulous. They are done for good. Freddie is on his own.

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