Elizabeth and Shula discuss the problems facing Lower Loxley and the twins; Fallon tries to get Lynda’s llama back home without alerting the village.

Radio Times: Life in Ambridge …

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  • Jolene has a sore head and the church bells are making things worse. Apparently, Fallon’s ‘tasteful’ hen party took a sharp turn. Shula can’t face going to services. Fallon puts in an emergency call to her mum.
  • Kirsty and Fallon are waiting for Jolene to appear. There is some discussion about Lynda’s whereabouts. There is no answer at Lynda’s residence and she may be away. Constanza has turned up in Fallon’s back garden. All deny bringing the beast to Fallon’s home or at least no one can remember doing it. How are they going to get her home? Harrison arrives and has a good laugh. He can’t help because he is playing cricket later.
  • Elizabeth is startled when Shula lets herself in. They exchange news, none of which is good. The caterers are angry because alcohol represents a good portion of their profits. The loss of the liquor license is serious. The row with Lily is also upsetting and she has left. Elizabeth is very worried.
  • No one can shift the llama. Harrison recommends some kind of halter. That should work. Harrison finally gives in and ties the halter around Constanza’s neck. There is a double lead and he recommends a person take each side. It works but half the village is out on the green. There is no chance they can walk a llama unnoticed.
  • Elizabeth says Lily is staying with her ‘friend’ Meredith but she doesn’t know how to contact her. Lily is not answering texts nor calls. They discuss the effect on Freddy. Honestly, Elizabeth confides, I don’t know how much more I can take.

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