Freddie lets slip that Lily knew about the drug dealing. Elizabeth tells Lily that makes her almost as bad as him so she storms out to see Russ.

Radio Times: It’s daggers drawn for Jazzer

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  • Harrison tells Fallon that there will be no charges against Ellis. But they haven’t taken Freddie back in so there don’t seem to be any extra charges. He doesn’t think it will help Elizabeth get her licence back. Jazzer is more bothered about why Jolene is interfering in his arrangements for the hen night.
  • Freddie is feeling sorry for himself and for the trouble over the licence. The police have even talked to Noletando but she didn’t tell them anything. Elizabeth warns him that there is the risk that Kate will go to the police if she finds out they have been talking. Elizabeth has to lean on Lily again as she takes more things to Freddie and even leaves her to deal with the angry mother of the bride now they need to provide their own alcohol. Once Elizabeth has left Lily leaves another message for Russ saying she is sorry she can’t get away.
  • Jolene admits to Jazzer that she and Alice have been discussing lots of tacky plastic and strippers for the hen night. Jazzer isn’t impressed. He wants it to be classy. The only way to settle it is to ask Fallon what she wants. When they ask her, Fallon is horrified at the plastic and does like the sound of the Indie club. But she does also want some drinks. Jolene takes it manfully – but things don’t always go to plan. They’ll have to wait and see.
  • When Freddie visits Elizabeth he says he can’t believe it is happening to him. Elizabeth tries to be positive. It might all be over next week. Freddie says that isn’t what Usha thinks and in the meantime he is stuck at Shula’s unable to go out and with no friends. Freddie accidentally blurts out that he should have listened to Lily. Elizabeth is horrified to find out she knew.
  • Elizabeth confronts Lily Why didn’t she tell her she knew about the drugs. Lily is supposed to be the sensible one and by not telling her she has really let her down. She is almost as bad as Freddie. Lily won’t take it anymore. She gets a text, obviously from Russ, and storms out. She is going to be with someone who cares.

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