Alistair and Shula row again and Alistair moves out. Elizabeth fails to get her licence back because the police now know about Nolly and the drugs.

Radio Times: Elizabeth’s situation goes from bad to worse

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  • Elizabeth is pannicking about her meeting with the Licensing Committee. She’s taken legal advice but isn’t sure she is going to be convincing enough. They are suggesting things such as more CTV and toilet checks as well of search of bags. But that doesn’t account for the fact that this is not a one off. She will have to lie. And there are notices making it clear that the licence restrictions are due to “serious crime”.
  • Shula appears at LL to get some more stuff for Freddie. Elizabeth is so surprised to hear about Alistair’s gambling habit. Has it been going on long?
  • Kate finds Jennifer looking at the pictures of Home Farm on the estate agent website. Why are they moving so quickly? And when Kate spots the brochures of the 3 bedroom houses at Bridge Farm – the master, one for Ruairi and one for Brian’s office, it suddenly occurs to her there won’t be a bed for her. Jennifer suggests a yurt…..
  • Kate decides to whine to Roy about that she will be homeless. She thought they were bluffing but they are going ahead. So she is begging for a room from Roy. Roy tells her it is her fault that they are selling the house in the first place. It was her idea and now at least Spiritual Home is safe which was surely her main aim. Roy tells her that it might be the making of her. It’s about time she didn’t live with her parents and the yurts are very comfortable.
  • Alistair and Shula have another row. It’s even worse now that the whole village knows about his gambling problem thanks to Shula shouting about it. He will lose business. Shula says she can’t deal with his broken promises. Alistair reminds her that it was her who broke her marriage vows. It ends up with Alistair packing and moving back to Jim’s.
  • Elizabeth comes back from the licensing meeting having failed to get her licence back. They’d heard from the police about Noluthando. Lily suspects it is from Ellis. The students were being interviewed in the morning. Elizabeth is furious. If the police know about Nolly, what else might Ellis have told them?

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