Shula discovers Alistair is gambling again. Robin expects Toby to marry Pip.

Radio Times: Toby is set an impossible challenge and Susan’s birthday ends in fireworks

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  • It’s Kenton and Shula’s birthday and Kenton even notices Shula has had her hair done. They aren’t keen on being 60 or on Jill’s plan for a tea party. Jolene has even managed to escape. Freddie isn’t doing so well. Kenton wonders if he will want a visitor. Shula asks about the licence – what does Kenton think. He isn’t convinced she can do it, certainly not in time for the wedding on Saturday. They may have to bring their own booze. With everything going on Shula isn’t feeling much about celebrating. But Kenton insists she goes to The Bull for a proper celebration.
  • Robin and Rex meet in The Bull and Rex is clearly unhappy with him. Rex asks what the real reason Robin thinks he wants to stay in Ambridge. Robin says it is obvious that he is obsessed with Pip. He can tell just by looking at him. Rex denies it but Robin just laughs but he’ll be out of the way tomorrow. Then he wanders off to talk to Shula.
  • Toby and Jazzer are playing pool. Rex joins them and Jazzer says he feels sorry for Freddie, it was only E and he didn’t know the place was full of coppers. Alistair turns up and Jazzer wants to take him on for a game but Alistair insists only if it is not for money. Then Jazzer suggests he should join a poker game which Alistair also refuses, and then Kenton overhears Jazzer saying Alistair won money on the horses at which point Kenton frogmarches him out.
  • Robin tries to flirt with Shula and plies her with wine. He asks what she is planning to do with her new found freedom from Alistair. She says she is a bit lost. Robin offers to be her guide. But Shula sees the kerfuffle with Alistair and walks away.
  • Robin suddenly produces the family engagement ring. Toby needs to make an honest woman of Pip. Toby says they are fine as they are but Robin thinks he should still consider it.
  • Shula bursts in on the confrontation between Kenton and Alistair and Alistair admits he’s been gambling again but says he is back on the straight and narrow. Shula is furious. His gambling is why he’s playing hard ball over the divorce but she isn’t bailing him out this time.

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