Lexi heads back to Bulgaria with no fixed time for her return. Jennifer begins to realise about reality when Susan finds out about the house sale.

Radio Times: Susan’s attitude proves surprising and history repeats itself for Roy

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  • Jennifer is getting anxious about the estate agent coming to take photos. Adam tries to help but Jennifer is geting in a state about everything so doesn’t even have time to worry about Freddie let alone Lexi going back to Bulgaria.
  • Roy is taking Lexi to the airport when Ian appears with home made fudge for the girls. She won’t say when she’s coming back. She wants to keep it flexible. She does promise she’ll be back though.
  • Susan is enjoying the gossip about Freddie in the shop. She never thought him as a criminal. Then she asks Jennifer about the house sale. Jennifer is surprised the news is out but says it is true. The house is far too big for Brian and her so they are looking to downsize somewhere local. Susan is very curious.
  • Ian admits to Adam that he is a bit concerned about Lexi coming back. He does wonder if they should have a plan B. But Adam says he trusts Lexi. She won’t let them down.
  • Roy and Lexi have a fond farewell at the airport. They both say they love each other and Roy says he’ll wait for her. Lexi sounds a bit more doubtful and rushes off.
  • Later Susan turns up at Home Farm with the brochures for the Bridge Farm development. Obviously not the affordable homes but the bigger ones. They look good quality and would mean Jennifer stays local. Jennifer seems pleased that Susan took the trouble. Susan says she will keep it all to herself but Jennifer tells her it doesn’t matter, tell everyone. It will be doing her a favour. Susan says she knows how painful it will be to leave the family home but she is sure wherever they go they will be happy.

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