Josh is thwarted in his attempts to catch crayfish and to go to Smithfield. It’s economic gloom for Bridge farm.

Radio Times: Brenda tries to explain and Josh receives a lecture.

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  • When Kirsty hears about Josh’s illegal crayfish catches, she realises she is partly responsible, having pointed them out to Josh in the first place. She and Kenton realise they must speak to Josh, who agrees to put a stop to it. Kenton decides not to tell Ruth and David; the last thing he wants is a lecture from David on checking out suppliers.
  • Crayfish are only part of Josh’s new interest. He has enjoyed helping Ruth with the cows over the summer, and now wants to have time off school to attend the dairy event at Smithfield, but Ruth will not hear of it. School must come first.
  • Brenda continues to come up with ideas for restoring the fortunes of Bridge Farm. She plans to write a piece for the website about all the family joining in to harvest the vegetables. Poor worn-down Pat is a little lacking enthusiasm for the idea. Then Tony looks at the accounts, which are not encouraging. All they can do is try to stay positive.

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