Josh’s nice little earner is stopped. Kathy’s efforts to plead for Clarrie are stopped.

Radio Times: Will has a matter to discuss with Josh, and Pat tries to forget her troubles.

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  • Will calls at The Bull to tell Jolene he knows where the crayfish she is serving were caught – and that they were caught illegally. He intends to have strong words with Josh Archer.
  • Nic, Will and the children have a good time at the forest discovery centre getting dirty and muddy. But they are still concerned for Clarrie.
  • Kathy takes Pat to lunch at The Bull in an effort to cheer her up. They enjoy their lunch, but when Kathy tries to broach the subject of Clarrie, Pat refuses, saying she has too many worries even to think about Clarrie. Kathy is rescued by Kenton, pleased to hear of Jamie’s decision to go to college and do A levels alongside resitting GCSE Maths. Kathy is pleased, too, that Jamie has persuaded Marty to go to college, too. It seems that both of them were led astray by Steve, but now they seem to be back on track.
  • When Jolene tells Kenton about the crayfish, he realises he will have to sort this one out with Josh. meanwhile they will have to look for a replacement on the menu.

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