Jubilee preparations proceed.

Radio Times: Vicky and Susan are in Jubilee mood, but there may be republican rumblings in Ambridge.

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  • In the shop, Vicky and Susan are preparing a Jubilee montage for the telephone kiosk, while Lynda rehearses the children’s maypole dancing on The Green with a classic line reminiscent of Joyce Grenfell’s “George, don’t do that”. Brad is carrying something unusual – his new pet rat – wreaking havoc wherever he reveals it.
  • Amy continues to whine about Usha and tells Alice that she is looking at flats in Felpersham. She is also convincing herself that Carl is not at all bad and she has been given second-hand information. Alice tells her that just because she doesn’t believe that Carl is married doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Still Amy clutches at straws. It’ll all end in (more) tears.
  • Lynda is so proud of Ambridge’s floral effort – in red, white and blue. Over tea and scones at Christine’s, shared with Jim, Lynda learns that one of the Glebelands gardens has gone against the theme and planted in yellow. Jim takes rather too much pleasure in showing her and offends Christine in the process.

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