Lilian takes a hand in Adam’s convalescence.

Radio Times: Kenton dreams of getting away from it all and Adam is causing concern.

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  • One thing Lilian has definitely not inherited from her mother is the cake-baking gene: Peggy is in Jubilee cake baking mood; Lilian is certainly not. The gossip is that Jim and Christine have fallen out. Lilian manages to have a quiet word with Elona to enquire whether Matt has come through over his promise to assuage Darrell’s concerns about his terms and conditions. He has not: only yesterday Matt paid Darrell in cash again.
  • Adam is reading old diaries and reviving forgotten memories. When Lilian phones to see if he would like to go riding, he is initially reluctant but Ian persuades him to go.
  • At The Bull there is a potential problem over the booking for Usha’s 50th celebration: there is already another provisional booking, not yet confirmed. Kenton’s thoughts are on the other side of the world: Meriel has sent him a new photo; he wants to see her, spend time with her and discover who she is now that she is growing up. Jolene does not encourage the idea.
  • Adam is enjoying the ride but moans to Lilian about his position on the farm, which he sees as a cog in the BL corporate wheel. Discussing the ride later with Ian, she thinks that Adam is brooding and needs taking out of himself.
  • Lilian phones Elona to assure her that Matt has agreed to sort out Darrell’s employment status; it was time to apply the thumbscrews (a comment that goes over Elona’s head and has to be explained); Elona is very grateful.

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