Pip picks up the vibes that something is going on.

Radio Times: Harry is press-ganged and Pip is feeling unsettled.

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  • It won’t take long but Vicky is not good at heights: Harry is pressed into ‘crowning’ the phone box with a replica of the real crown. Spencer, passing by, thinks Harry needs to get out more.
  • What’s that? Pip cannot believe that her father has installed cameras. Why? The true explanation is not forthcoming; David and Ruth did say they would not tell the children about the recent threats but Pip is now an adult, capable of picking up the signs of something being amiss and worrying about them. That David could have got it so wrong, again, is about as plausible as – falling of a roof.
  • On Lakey Hill, Mike prepares to build the beacon and Vicky dreams of retirement – more time for “us”; they seem to have rather different ideas about how to spend it.
  • Pip is even less impressed by the camera control centre and the panic button that will bring the police. David breaks up the discussion by moving the assembled throng to build the beacon. Afterwards, he and Josh leave while it is ‘still light’; Ben had to stay at home to ‘keep Mum company’ and Spencer is charged to walk Pip home. Something is going on and Pip doesn’t like it.

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