Alice decides to do some detective work to help Amy get over Carl.

Radio Times: Everything is falling apart for Clarrie. Meanwhile, Joe is feeling aggrieved.

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  • Spearmint has a sore foot; good job there is a farrier in the family. Chris is heading for nets this evening, missing the welcome supper for the fruit pickers. He is a bit short with Alice when he realises that Amy was due to visit again this evening. He quickly apologises; he had feared that Amy was planning to move in. Alice thinks that, if she could do a little detective work and get some evidence that Carl is married, Amy might believe her and begin to put it behind her. For Alice it is bringing back memories of her dad and Siobhán.
  • As she explains to Ruth, Clarrie has to do the church flowers on her own because Jennifer is too busy – and she is too busy to bake the two cakes she has promised. Oh dear: Ruth had also promised one and can’t find the time. Clarrie leaves in disgust. It gets worse: Joe has taken a couple of cake-related messages that he had forgotten to pass on. He is a bit miffed that he has not been chosen to cut the cake but Clarrie persuades him to accept it with good grace.
  • At Brookfield haymaking is under way. David is wondering whether he shouldn’t have taken up Ruth’s suggestion to have eight cameras rather than just four. Josh is going off on his bike but is under strict instruction to take his phone. Ben wanted to go tree climbing but is grounded – with no explanation. They must be noticing something is wrong.

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