The cake is finished on time and Lynda soothes Joe’s feeling by asking him to propose 3 cheers to the Queen.

Radio Times: Ambridge celebrates with the nation, but Clarrie fears her Jubilee cake will not be ready on time.

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  • Clarrie is frustrated at the standard of the cakes, especially the round ones and she is four short of the 60 she really wanted. Jill comes to the rescue because she had baked an extra half dozen just in case. Once she produces those, the three of them get the icing done just in time though Lynda is very doubtful.
  • David and Ruth are still fussing about the children but without making the decision actually to tell them what the issue is.
  • The day goes well and even the maypole dancers behave. Joe is still sulking about not getting to cut the cake. Mr Pullen has to be more or less carried to the cake to perform the formal cutting, he is so drunk. But Lynda comes to the good by asking Joe to launch the three cheers for the Queen.

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