Brenda isn’t impressed with Vicky’s plans to give up work and drag Mike round the world.

Radio Times: Vicky ruffles a few feathers, while Ruth and David try to hide their concerns.

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  • David is planning a team talk about Open Farm Sunday at Brookfield. Pip doesn’t want to hang around to listen though. They are obviously worried but still won’t tell the children what is the matter.
  • Mike is finalising the beacon. It might be a struggle to get it to light with all the rain. He’s thinking about looking for some part time help to help him with his forestry work.
  • Vicky tells Brenda about all her plans for travelling once Mike retires. She is going to give up her job and Brenda is shocked that she is going to be expecting Mike to support her in her plans. It’s always all about her and never about what Mike wants.

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