Alice finds out that Carl has a child but Amy is still convinced that must mean he really loves her.

Radio Times: Alice undertakes some internet investigations and Nic is in for a disappointment.

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  • Amy is continuing to be a petulant teenager. Usha has clearly had enough. After a fraught conversation and Usha leaving, Amy takes a message for Alan.
  • Alice is still worried about how Amy is refusing to accept Carl is married. She is determined to find out enough about him to convince Amy there is no hope. Her first plan is to call Annabelle though Chris is less sure.
  • Nic catches Will buying a chocolate bar and tries to tell him it won’t be good either for his diet or his sex life – it is obviously the right time of the month for her. She wants him home on time and ready. When he does get back, Will has to leave again to track down a fox. Initially Nic is annoyed but she does try to calm down.
  • Later Alice tells Amy about the research she has done into Rochelle and Carl. The firm’s website has a lot of information. Not only is she a respectable member of society but she is a school governor. A parent Governor. Amy really refuses to believe that he still loves his wife and even has a child with her. And even if they do then they don’t love each other. Alice loses her temper. Amy just isn’t prepared to listen. Knowing he has a child and a family just shows how much Carl must be hurting.

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