Ruth and David still can’t decide whether to tell the children about the threats.

Radio Times: Josh is feeling under surveillance. Meanwhile, Oliver is keen to press on.

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  • Iftikar seems to be improving performance. Making the cricket team realise they have to justify their place is helping. Ifty wants Alistair to consider dropping Neil – at least temporarily. Alistair at least has been able to say some good news about one of the older Brookfield cows who is definitely in calf.
  • Oliver is keen to push ahead with the vaccination programme for the badgers – it will be years before a cull would be an option in the area and they must do something. David says some of the locals are sounding less positive, especially if the costs are going up. But Oliver thinks it might work using contractors. Ed is keen to get going too and to go on the course. He isn’t keen on telling George he is shooting badgers.
  • Ruth is determined to keep the children close to her – taking the family to the single wicket, taking them all out for a picnic lunch with David and Ed working on the bailer. Josh is beginning to get very fed up at the idea he has to check in if all he wants to do is go out on his bike with his mates. Ruth and David wonder, yet again, if they should tell the children what is going on. – which of course they should because any sensible parent would realise they need to be alerted to the potential risk but apparently not.

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