Alan has finally had enough of Amy and accuses her of spite.

Radio Times: Amy goes too far and Jennifer enters into a heated debate.

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  • Alan is less than impressed that Amy hadn’t bothered to pass on a message from Jolene about Usha’s party. Alan is really angry. He wants her to show more consideration, she only seems to care about herself. Amy is rather startled.
  • Jennifer and Adam are out for a visit to the new market and Jennifer tells him how Brookfield have put in more security equipment. Suddenly that makes Adam think of Ruairi. Then Jennifer finds Hattie from Borchester Against Factory Farming handing out leaflets against Home Farm. Jennifer is furious but Adam tries to calm her down. And just about manages to convince her that she is attacking the wrong target. Jennifer didn’t get much luck from the market manager though and even felt threatened by him. But Adam tries to explain that he agrees with her pretty much. Jennifer remains unconvinced.
  • Amy decides to take on Usha and accuses of her of being selfish for not having kids and only thinking about herself for 50 years. Alan comes across the end of the argument as Usha leaves and insists they talk. Amy finally tells him that Usha is coming between them. Alan won’t believe it’s just down to the party and she finally admits she accused her of selfishness. Alan is furious and tells her that spite doesn’t suit her

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