Pip is finally told about the problem at Brookfield while Nic and Will did catch their moment – on camera in Leader’s Wood.

Radio Times: Ben makes a horrific discovery. Meanwhile, Iftikar bowls a maiden over.

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  • Susan is surprised to hear Iftikar wants to try local cheeses. He mentions that Chris and Neil are both entering the Single Wicket. Susan says Neil is very keen not to be dropped. Tracy appears in the shop just as he is leaving and “ahem” drops a tin of tomato soup in front of Ifty, and then needs help finding an earing. And then she manages to invite herself to lunch with Susan and Neil so he can tell her about the rules of cricket.
  • David tells Ruth and Pip that the vaccination programme is going ahead. Ruth rings Ben to check he is okay and there is talk of blood. It seems one of the sheep has been killed. Ruth tells Ben it was probably a dog but Ben now thinks it is Lynda’s beast. Ruth tells David later that it was definitely done by a human. There were some bite marks but they might just have used a dog to bring it down. Pip arrives home while David is calling the police and demands to know what is going on. She is furious when she finds out they have lied to her. They claim it was to protect her but she isn’t impressed. She wants the police to do more and she worries about Ben. But all they can do is stick together.
  • Kirsty has dropped off the film from the cameras trying to track the Beast. Kirsty hasn’t had chance to watch it yet so Susan and Lynda have a quick look on the pc in the shop. Initially they don’t find anything but Lynda sees something. It’s not an animal – it is Nic and Will, err, in the woods. Susan thinks it’s all wildlife….

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