Tracy sets her sights on Ifty. Rosa sets her sights on Jamie. David won’t let Ben out of his sight.

Radio Times: Jamie makes a conquest at the Single Wicket competition. Meanwhile, David is on edge.

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  • On the day of the Single Wicket competition, some of the crowd have matters other than cricket on their mind. Tracy makes her interest in Iftikar very obvious, without much success, and manages to spill tea over his trousers. Rosa sets her sights on Jamie, with rather more success.
  • David is nervous, and when he fails to see Ben, becomes extremely worried. Ben is happily eating an ice-cream, and fails to see what David is so cross about.
  • Jamie wins the competition, is congratulated by Iftikar and chatted up by Rosa. To add to his delight, Mike offers him work clearing timber. Since Rosa also works for Mike, at the dairy, she sees this as a promising sign.
  • After his afternoon’s commentating, Kenton wishes David well for the Open Farm day; David’s enthusiasm is noted for its absence.

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