Ruth and David fail to agree.

Radio Times: Ruth is getting rattled and Darrell does a good turn.

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  • Ben is having nightmares about the dead sheep, and this upsets Ruth. Later she has a call from the school, asking her to fetch Josh home as he has a headache. The police have been to check the new security system. Unable to take the strain any more, concerned for the safety of Bert, Ed and their families, and on police advice, she tells David she wants to call Farm Sunday off. David, still in denial, says they will get through this patch.
  • Lilian entertains Adam to lunch and gives him some expensive bubble bath. She thinks he seems out of sorts; Adam still feels that he could have done more to block Brian’s mega-dairy plans. Lilian tries to cheer him up. Looking after his seasonal workers should lift his spirits.
  • Matt is full of praise for Darrell’s skills and work-ethic. He asks him to do a small job at the office, and takes him for a drink as a thank-you. He gives Darrell a cash bonus, but advises him not to tell Elona.
  • David and Ruth argue about Farm Sunday. David thinks cancellation gives the wrong message to the intimidators, and is letting the community down. Ruth thinks safe rather than sorry makes more sense. But David stands firm: he refuses to let his children grow up seeing parents who are afraid to stand up to bullies.

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