Ifty has an admirer. Jamie has an admirer. If only Amy would find an admirer.

Radio Times: Iftikar is under pressure, and Will has an embarrassing encounter.

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  • Chris has managed to swap his turn at cricket coaching with Will so that he and Alice can have a romantic evening in, but Alice has other plans; Amy is coming round. She promises to spend tomorrow evening with him instead, so Chris goes off to cricket.
  • It seems that Ifty is being pursued by an admirer who keeps texting him, but the mystery caller’s interest is not reciprocated. Will is surprised to see Chris, though the change of plan is no ‘praablem’ to Will. When Will asks a hayfever-stricken Lynda whether her wildlife camera has caught any animal activity, she is forced to reveal that it has captured activity of a more human sort. An embarrassed Will moves away quickly.
  • It seems that Ifty is not the only one attracting female attention. Rosa continues her pursuit of Jamie, to the annoyance of Natalie.
  • Alice takes Amy to The Bull, where her relentless droning and obsessing over Carl continues unabated. Later the cricketers arrive, and there is much laughter over Jamie’s love triangle. Amy storms out.
  • Chris finally loses patience with Amy when Alice goes back on her promise to spend tomorrow evening with him to go for a walk with Amy. Angrily he tells Alice to back off.

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