Ruth talks to the police. Amy wants to talk to Carl.

Radio Times: Alan worries for Amy’s safety. Meanwhile, Ruth has come to a decision.

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  • Ben seems to have forgotten his nasty experience and practises skateboarding in the kitchen. Ruth is evasive when he asks where she is going, and Ben asks if she and David are all right. Ruth tells him she has a meeting about Farm Sunday.
  • Amy is her habitually sullen and rude self when Alan tries to make conversation. When he suggests that they might all talk over a family meal, Amy, as usual, slams out, saying she is busy.
  • Usha is surprised to see Ruth at the Police Station. Ruth suggests a coffee, and over it, tells Usha what has been going on. Bert and Ed are now aware of the situation, and the police are stepping up their controls. They are going ahead with Farm Sunday, but Ruth is not sure that she wants David to testify. Usha is sure he is doing the right thing. The sooner the criminals are locked up, the better for everyone.
  • Both Alice and Alan try to ring Amy, but get only her voicemail. Alan is worried because the hospital needs to contact her about her shifts. When Usha gets home and sees how upset Alan is, she suggests ringing Alice in case Amy is there. Alice tells Alan she will try again and let him know.
  • At last Amy answers her phone. She is in a distressed state, having been standing outside Carl’s empty flat for hours. Alice says she will pick her up and that she can stay with her. A distraught Amy asks where Carl is; she just can’t let him go.

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