Usha is tired. Adam is tired. Neil is dropped. Amy is vile.

Radio Times: Usha’s patience wears thin and Neil cannot believe his eyes.

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  • An excited Neil comes home to tell Susan that he has seen Lynda’s monster. It’s a huge wild boar, and he saw it near Nightingale Farm. Neil is concerned that it might cross-breed with his sows.
  • Adam is cross because he is too weak to pour drinks properly at the pickers’ barbecue, and causes some breakages. Ian reminds him that his recovery still has some way to go, but is accused of patronising Adam. They leave early because Adam is so tired.
  • Susan sees Usha in the shop, and says she looks tired. Usha says it is due to too many meetings, and is evasive when Susan says she has not seen Amy for ages.
  • When Susan gets home from work she finds a rather dejected Neil. Alistair has dropped him from the cricket team. Maybe he is getting too old and set in his ways, so needs to make way for younger players. An indignant Susan says Ifty is at the bottom of this; he has his favourites. Not only that, he is leading Tracy a merry dance. Neil seems to think it is the other way round.
  • A weary Usha explodes when she gets home from a long day at work to find that Amy has not bothered to clear dirty mugs away. Amy is, as ever, very rude, so Usha tells her several home truths. Amy tells her she is leaving and goes to pack. Knowing what this will do to Alan, Usha tells her not to. Just watch me retorts her appalling step-daughter.

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