Ruth is in positive mood. Chris is in a bad mood. Amy is in the way.

Radio Times: Darrell thinks his days are numbered. Meanwhile, Chris feels that three is a crowd.

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  • Pip is in organising mode, writing instruction sheets for the stewards at Farm Sunday. She is not happy that Josh has been put in charge of the photo display, since her own photos are so much better. Ruth is worried about Josh, who is very quiet, but Pip offers to speak to him.
  • As David drops Josh and Ben at the school bus stop he meets Darrell, who is not inclined to chat. Then Darrell gets a call from Matt, asking him to call at the office for a chat. Darrell seems to think this must be bad news.
  • Chris is annoyed when he gets up early to get to work, only to find that Amy is in the bathroom. He asks how long she is staying; a while, says Alice evasively. Once again Chris tells Alice to back off from Amy’s troubles, but Alice is too worried about Amy to do this.
  • A nervous Darrell tells Matt he feels he is doing a good job. He thinks Matt has summoned him to give him notice, but is quite wrong. Matt wants him to become site foreman, with a pay-rise. Lost for words, Darrell rings Elona before going for a celebratory drink with Matt.
  • When Chris gets home, he apologises for his earlier mood, but is worried that Alice has not gone in to the university to work on her research. Maybe Alice is becoming too involved in Amy’s life.
  • Pip and Ruth find that Josh’s photos are excellent, and Ruth indulges in a gush of maternal pride. Pip has spoken to Josh, and discovered that he is keen to do Farm Sunday. Ruth is really looking forward to it now, and David has booked a table for the whole family, and Spencer, to celebrate. Farm Sunday will be a day to remember.

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