Julia is denied her Katisha but Kirsty is no longer denied her Tommy, perhaps.

Radio Times: Tom has a surprise customer.

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  • Julia visits the organic shop and is shocked to discover they don’t sell Foie Gras. Julia is still painting for the flower and produce show and looking forward to the Mikado rehearsals. She expects to be playing Katisha but Kathy has heard someone else is playing that role. She leaves unexpectedly. Kathy thinks she may be disappointed.
  • Lynda is collecting litter to reduce the clutter in peoples’ lives. She is surprised to see Usha who is between clients. Lynda is worried about the shabby treatment Eddie and Clarrie has received. But Usha will not discuss her clients including Kathy. Lynda wants Usha to be in the Mikado. Usha doubts that being in the schoolgirl chorus is her sort of thing. Lynda then nearly causes an accident by demanding Tom takes part. He is not interested either. Tom also says Helen will definitely not be interested. Lynda despairs.
  • Kathy has had enough of Helen. Helen doesn’t like Kathy’s attempts to rearrange the shop even though Kathy’s arrangements might keep customers. Pat is cross that Helen has made her call in with other yoghurts even though she was visiting Bridge Farm. Helen has also forgotten she is supposed to be there to lock up. Kathy has an appointment with Usha. Tom and Pat are increasingly frustrated.
  • Kirsty appears. All her charges for damaging crops have been dropped. Kirsty thinks they can start dating again but Tom doesn’t seem too sure.
  • Julia is cross with Lynda that she wasn’t told first about the cast list and the part of Katisha. Lynda says she didn’t promise it to Julia. Julia feels betrayed. Lynda tries to persuade her to be in the schoolgirls’ chorus but Julia says that is out of the question. Christine’s vocal timbre is more suited to Katisha than Julia. Julia storms off.
  • Usha and Kathy discuss the divorce. She has to fill in the statement of arrangement for the children. Sid will have eight days to respond. They will discuss the financial arrangements later. Kathy is worried about how Jamie will settle back at school after all the fuss. She is determined that he will not suffer. She will not stop Sid seeing Jamie but she is going to get everything she can out of him.

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