Kathy offers to help in Pat and Tony’s shop but there is no room at Bridge Farm for the Grundy’s caravan.

Radio Times: Kathy lends a hand.

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  • Jamie doesn’t like his breakfast. Tony is surprised Pat is still around before she has to do her shift in the shop. It’s getting to be a nuisance. Kathy offers to do some shifts if that is helpful.
  • Tony and Pat agree it could help but would it be a good idea at the moment? It must have been horrible talking to Usha about her marriage breakdown and Jamie is taking it hard. Tony saw Ruth in the village with David but it was probably for her chemotherapy appointment. Pat makes a pitch for diet and health and fresh fruit and vegetable protecting you from disease. Tony returns to the “box scheme” which Pat says she plans to start. She will begin with a box of organic produce for Ruth.
  • Kathy says she wants to help in the shop. She is very cross that Jolene is advertising her line dancing in the Bull. Pat and Kathy agree she will help out. Jamie will go to the out of school club in Borchester. Both agree this will be temporary.
  • Eddie tells Tony the Court hearing went badly. He asks Tony if there could be some space at Bridge Farm for the caravan. Tony says he would love to help but he already has two lodgers. He couldn’t fit in the Grundys as well. Tony lends Eddie the large tractor and trailer for the day to help out with Lynda’s patio.
  • Lynda and Ed discuss getting rid of the old patio stones and how Ed is not being paid. She says she will take it up with Eddie. She complains that her cast list for the Mikado is still incomplete. Ed scoffs and says she should give up. Lynda is outraged. Eddie arrives to collect the old stones. Lynda proposes that Ed should be paid. Eddie says he will get what he deserves. He claims that there is no market value in the old stones but out of earshot says it will be good for the barbecue area.
  • Pat visits Ruth with the box of organic food as a dummy run for the “box scheme”. The children have given her a baseball cap. Pat says Ruth’s new hairstyle looks great. Apparently, Pip thinks it’s “cool”. Pat offers to keep up the supply of veg. It fits with Shula’s ideas of healthy eating.
  • Lynda and Ed discuss when the slate will be laid. Sometime next week. Ed shows an interest in the Mikado cast list. He wants to see Emma in the production. Lynda is very concerned that if more people don’t take part, there will be no Mikado production at all.

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