Emma wins over her mother about her first job but Eddie loses in court.

Radio Times: Eddie makes his plea.

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  • Clarrie and Eddie are waiting in Court for the outcome of their case and think that having their say will help them. They think the legal establishment will be sympathetic to their series of troubles. But Clarrie knows the law is on Borchester Land’s side and then what will happen – going back to Meadow Rise would kill them. Roy and Hayley wouldn’t live there either when they looked at a flat. Clarrie also worries about having to work with Jolene at the Bull.
  • Emma is bored. In the shop, she and Susan talk about Susan’s first job. Susan’s first job was in the Bull and was very pleased with it at the time. Emma admits to asking Lizzie for a job as a new kitchen assistant at Lower Loxley. Susan loses her temper and says Emma should still go to college. Emma says she doesn’t want to do A-levels and won’t retake her maths. She thinks the Lower Loxley job is a good start. Susan wants her to do better for herself.
  • Shula interrupts an argument. Emma tries to get Shula on her side. Shula offers to mediate. Shula admits she didn’t do well in her O levels either. She thinks Emma’s results were better then hers. Her A level results were poor too and upset her parents but they had to accept it. She did a business and secretarial course instead. Emma should take her time to decide. Emma and Susan are grateful. When Emma leaves, Susan agrees reluctantly that Emma can take the job.
  • The judgement goes against Eddie and Clarrie. They now realise that the Court saw this as an open and shut case. The Judge didn’t care about “the likes of them”. Eddie loses his temper and Clarrie tries to calm him down. Costs of £300 are awarded against them. Clarrie worries about paying the bill and the future. They have to move on by next Friday. Eddie says he will not go back to Meadow Rise. 9 days may give them chance to find somewhere to park the caravan. He will find something else – just you wait and see.

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