Kathy plans financial revenge on Sid.

Radio Times: Ruth takes action.

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  • Eddie and Ed are still working on Lynda’s patio. Lynda gives Eddie some more money for the job to ease his cash-flow. Lynda’s worrying about her lack of a cast for The Mikado, particularly the shortage of young people to play the juvenile leads, Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo.
  • At Brookfield, Ruth is preparing to go into Borchester. Despite Jill’s offer to go for her Ruth is insistent that she go alone.
  • Kathy visits Usha’s office to start divorce proceedings – she doesn’t want mediation or reconciliation or counselling, it’s too late for that. She wants her contribution to The Bull to be taken into account and she wants to be sure that Jamie will be financially comfortable. There will be no argument about access – Kathy knows how much Sid and Jamie love each other and won’t stop Sid from seeing Jamie. Usha advises caution about the financial settlement, but Kathy is insistent – if the settlement means that Sid has to sell The Bull, then so be it. After all, he should have thought of the consequences before he jumped into bed with Jolene, shouldn’t he?
  • Ruth comes back from Borchester with a surprise for David – she has had all her hair shaved off. She’s slightly apprehensive about showing him, but he thinks she looks great.

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