Just about every relationship in the Aldridge family is wrecked but Debbie is trying to help Alice make up with Jennifer.

Radio Times: Tony steps into the breach.

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  • Tony is taking out his stress on Tom. Brenda and Tom are happily chatting while weeding the carrots but Tony’s mind is clearly elsewhere. Brenda is still worried about the risk that Lilian is setting her cap at Mike. Tom tells her it’s unlikely but she isn’t convinced.
  • Debbie suddenly appears and Jennifer is thrilled. She is around just for a couple of days. She continues to be very unimpressed with Brian. Debbie thinks he is railroading Jennifer into this. But she is even more shocked when she finds out Jennifer has met him. Debbie tries to convince her that she can still argue about this but Jennifer is determined that she has made her own decision. They are past it being a discussion. It’s going to happen. But if Debbie could only help with Alice. If things aren’t sorted, Alice may never come back home.
  • Alice tries to convince Debbie to let her stay with her in Hungary. Debbie is reluctant. Maybe it would be better if she at least tried to stay to meet Ruairi – at least for Jennifer’s sake. She begins to get somewhere but Brian arrives. Brian tries to convince Debbie he is doing the best he can in the circumstances but Debbie just simply isn’t listening.
  • Meanwhile, Tony comes across Brian while driving and threatens him with what he plans if he upsets Jennifer anymore.

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