Matt is thinking of employing Brenda as an apprentice. Lilian is more worried he won’t keep his mouth shut about Ruairi.

Radio Times: Matt does some talent spotting.

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  • Lilian is making arrangements with Mike for Thursday when Matt appears and she has to make sudden excuses. Lilian is equally suspicious of Matt when he suddenly mentions Brenda Tucker.
  • Debbie drops into see Adam before she flies back to Hungary. She even manages to tell him how well he’s doing on the farm. She asks why he didn’t tell her and he and Ian try to explain that he didn’t want to be the one to upset the apple cart. She seems to be grateful that he’d thought of her. But Alice is the one to worry about. Debbie has tried to get her to see it from Jennifer’s point of view but it’s not working so far.
  • Jennifer is thinking about Ruairi’s bedroom but can’t focus on it. Alice still isn’t any better with her. Lilian tries to help her see that Alice is upset that her Father isn’t the man she thought. Maybe Alice is lashing out because she doesn’t want to be seen as a child anymore. Then she solves the decorating problem by telling her to do it like Ruairi’s room in Germany and she’ll send some of Matt’s contract people in to do it for her.
  • Matt is bringing Lilian roses now. And it turns out he is thinking of employing Brenda as an “apprentice” – give her some proper work experience and he’ll get a lot of benefit out of it too. Amazingly Lilian seems happy about it. Especially when she finds out he’s seeing her on Thursday afternoon. She’s a lot more worried about Matt letting the cat out of the bag over Ruairi.

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