Lynda thinks she has been blacklisted by Borchester Life. Adam convinces Alice to stay at Home Farm.

Radio Times: Lynda is robbed of the glory.

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  • Ruth is still interested in doing more leafleting about the value of farming. Pat seems interested too. David wonders if she’ll have time once the fete committee gets going.
  • Lynda is furious that some fly tippers seem to have dumped rubbish over her wall. She wants David to bring it up at the Parish Council. Ruth at least offers David to help move it with the trailer. But she is less impressed when she finds her letter isn’t in Borchester Life. She’s been blacklisted!
  • Jennifer tries to find out where Alice has been when she’s been going out. Alice says she’s been hanging out with Amy and at the college. Anything to avoid having to talk about all the trouble at home. She can’t wait to get away to South Africa. Jennifer tries to convince Alice that she loves Brian and she wanted to stay with him and Brian chose to stay with them. Alice simply doesn’t believe any of it. When Jennifer leaves her, she breaks down in tears.
  • Jennifer’s next effort is to get her involved in planning Adam’s birthday but Alice isn’t interested in playing “fake” happy families. Jennifer can do what she likes but Alice isn’t going to be there.
  • Lynda is now out to get to find out if she really is blacklisted. She is going to write to Borchester Life under a pseudonym.
  • Alice is getting very lonely at home, she keeps trying to find somewhere to go but she keeps getting rejections. Adam says he’ll look out for her if she can bring herself to stay – for Jennifer’s sake. Alice reluctantly agrees.

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