Just the tiniest thawing of the atmosphere at Brookfield with a Valentines Day drink in the tractor shed.

Radio Times: David’s DIY skills are put to the test.

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  • Josh made a Valentine for Emma but doesn’t look like anything for Ruth. David is spending more time with the tractor.
  • Alistair and Shula were going out for the evening at Grey Gables but he gets called out to a job so Shula ends up helping to stitch up a horse. But you can have romantic times in the most unexpected places.
  • Susan hasn’t heard anything from Christopher but Emma tries to convince her that they’d have heard if anything was wrong.
  • Ruth takes a bottle of wine out to the tractor shed to try to have a romantic conversation talking about hydraulics. She tries to talk to him about things and he says he will do more with the family. When she presses him about the two of them he says he’s needed the time alone to think about things but he does wish her a Happy Valentines Day and gives her a quick kiss.

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