Nigel becomes more obsessed with climate change and decides to sell his car, much to Elizabeth’s disapproval.

Radio Times: Nigel finds it’s not easy being green.

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  • Sid tries to ask Jack about naming the pavilion after him. Peggy thinks it’s a wonderful idea even though Jack doesn’t quite understand it. There is a risk that he won’t be able to cope with the dinner. She isn’t sure whether he’ll remember if she tells him but if he does forget he can hear about it again.
  • Nigel is still obsessing about climate change. Today he is appalled that none of the shirts in Underwoods are made in England. Energy used to fly them must be terrible. Caroline notices how down he is but Elizabeth doesn’t think there is much they can do about it. She tries to get him to think more positively. He sees that as an opportunity to think about what sacrifices he can make. That apparently includes selling his car. Lizzie isn’t impressed!
  • Oliver and Caroline embark on an unpasteurised cheese taking – together with a bottle of Argentinean wine Nigel was feeling guilty about. Then even Caroline thinks there might be something to worry about on global warming when she hears the dry summer meant there was not enough silage produced.

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