Adam is still worried that Brian isn’t committed to the farm but Jennifer is sure he isn’t hiding anything…..

Radio Times: Ruth gets used to delegation.

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  • Eddie is getting back into the swing of milking at Brookfield. Ruth is finding it a bit hard to trust him entirely though. Then Ruth finds out that David wants to spend the evening at home because he’s been out with the tractor too often.
  • Adam is trying to persuade Brian to buy a new combine to help with the estate work, but as usual, he’s very reluctant to talk about spending money. Adam feels Brian isn’t committed and yet again feels he is more interested in Debbie’s views than his. Jennifer tries to convince him otherwise but he isn’t convinced.
  • Alistair is impressed with the way the fund raising is going for the cricket team. Next problem is to decide what they are going to put on the plaque for the pavilion once it is named after Jack.

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