Have David and Ruth turned the corner after a great family day out?

Radio Times: Brian’s having his cake and eating it.

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  • The Archers are enjoying a family day out – Pip’s birthday treat.
  • Jennifer is at her most snobbish: she cannot believe that Christopher’s new girlfriend is Venetia Streatfield. Brenda sticks up for him; she is tasked with relaying to Roy the news that Jennifer cannot have Phoebe on Thursday because she is Jack-sitting while Peggy and Lilian visit day centres.
  • Brian has some mildly sarcastic comments about the amount of baking Jennifer is doing and which he will carry to Debbie in Hungary. Brian feels that Adam is sulking but acknowledges that he has plenty to keep him busy. Alice has said no more about her gap year but Jennifer is determined she shall not swan around South Africa on her own; even Kate agrees. Brian confirms that he will be back Friday evening after a stop in Brussels (is that Brussels, Germany?) for a farm visit.
  • Josh reckons Dad was scared because he kept holding Josh’s hand. Ruth was happy to sit out the scarier rides with little Ben. Pip rates it the best birthday treat ever.
  • Brenda is seeking inspiration for a birthday treat for Tom – as good as her day at Grey Gables but costing much, much less. Helen has a plan: she will cook a meal as her treat to Tom and then she will take herself and her parents out of the way for Brenda and Tom to enjoy it in peace. Helen is buoyant about her counselling; it feels good to be taking positive steps.
  • The boys are in bed and Ruth is almost asleep after her early start. What now? – the tractor shed? No, David opts for a bit of TV and an early night. Lovely!

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