Kate and Jennifer agree a truce and Kate says she will help out more with Ruairi.

Radio Times: Jennifer is feeling the strain and Pip looks to the future.

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  • Jennifer is still angry that Alice is planning on Felpersham rather than Southampton for her masters. She is obviously very stressed. She is helping Ruairi make gingerbread men and asks Kate to mind him for 15 mins but Kate can’t be bothered. She has an essay to write and announces she is taking Phoebe bowling and hasn’t decided whether they will eat or not. They have a row about Kate helping more and Ruairi overhears and thinks it’s his fault. Later, Jennifer makes sure he realises that Kate isn’t upset. They have a chat and agree that Kate will do a bit more to help. Kate even agrees they will stay in instead of bowling so they can all have an evening together.
  • David has to rush to Bert’s rescue with a new filter when he breaks down in the middle of a ploughing contest. They get it fixed but he only comes 6th so not so good for the county competition.
  • Pip is putting off doing her Personal Statement and can’t even decide between University and agricultural college. Ruth tries to encourage her to look at the prospectuses. David and Ruth are going to have to help her make up her mind.
  • There is a bit of a crisis with the cows, milk fever. Pip is marvellous at helping; it’s obvious that she loves farming. David takes great delight in teasing her about her date for the Ball – Lucan. At least he’s a better prospect than Jude.

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