Kathy gives up on spending time with Jamie and decides to go shopping with Pat instead.

Radio Times: Kathy misjudges the situation and Harry is a hit with Jill and Peggy.

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  • Harry is still having trouble with Jazzer. He is out all hours and still hasn’t learned to do the washing up. Jill joins Peggy for a computer lesson. She is keen to learn more about the internet. Peggy tells Jill she has got part of the way to tracking down Con. He may be dead but it would be wonderful if she could make contact.
  • Kathy has stocked up with pizza for Jamie’s friends but he tells her they aren’t coming. Once Marty and Ruben weren’t free he didn’t think it was worth bothering. She tries to bully him into inviting someone else but Jamie won’t. He thinks it’s all a ruse to keep an eye on him and to try to find out who trashed the hide. He leaves to go to the Bull to see Fallon with Kathy shouting after him.
  • Kathy invites Pat round to eat the pizza. She still is certain things with Jamie won’t get better. She admits she was trying to find out information from Jamie’s friends but she resented being told she was spying. She might as well have gone into work for all the good being at home has done. Pat suggests they go shopping together to cheer herself up.
  • Fallon tries to persuade Jamie to come to the Halloween party. He doesn’t sound too impressed when he hears that Kenton will be there. He won’t commit to it anyway.

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