Ed and Will nearly come to blows again over Ed’s cows in the lane. Will backs off.

Radio Times: Lynda fights for her cause at the village hall, and Ed has a bone to pick with Will.

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  • Nigel and Vicky are signing up for the pantomime auditions and then there is a slight awkwardness when Ed comes into the shop. Vicky admits to Lynda she failed. Even Ian said he didn’t really think it was a goer.
  • Will has a go at Ed for blocking the lane with the cows. He thinks it was deliberate. So Will deliberately hassles the cows going down the lane. Ed makes threats about if he does it again and Will backs off.
  • Amy is looking for a job in the Felpersham Women’s Unit so she might be coming home.
  • The peregrine meeting looks like a full house and feelings run quite high. Alan says the decision will be made by the end of the week. After the meeting, Vicky congratulates will on becoming an Uncle and he tears her off a strip. Honestly, those Grundy boys are as bad as each other.

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