Kathy nags Jamie into inviting some friends round. Pip looks like being Cinderella at the Young Farmer’s Dance.

Radio Times: Jamie faces a frustrating day and Brian prepares for the big debate.

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  • Brian is already getting fed up with Lilian making demands over the market. He does know it’s not unreasonable but it’s still a nuisance. Jennifer, meanwhile, is getting fed up with Kate not doing anything to help.
  • Kathy takes Jamie shopping. He’d rather just have the money. Shopping with his Mum isn’t his idea of a half term. The bump into Pip and Jennifer and Ruairi and he has enough and walks off. Kathy once again tries to talk to him when they get home but he isn’t interested in going anywhere with Kathy. Eventually she persuades him to ask some friends round.
  • Alice has agreed to come back to Ambridge for the Young Farmer’s dinner dance. And Pip is really going to town with a new dress. Ruth tries to find out if there is any new love interest in Pip’s life but Pip thinks she’ll be on her own.
  • Brian has been having a chat with Chris. It turns out she is planning to go onto a Masters after her degree. Jennifer is initially pleased but then is horrified to find out she is thinking about going to Felpersham. It’s only because of Christopher that she is looking at a substandard course.

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