Kenton has decided he can make things up with Jamie at Halloween at the Bull.

Radio Times: Harry’s new flatmate causes him problems, while Kenton is at a loose end.

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  • Nigel isn’t enjoying getting ready for Apple Day with Kenton hanging around him. Kenton ends back up at the Bull. He has a chat with Jolene and she definitely tries to be enthusiastic about the future of the Bull. They talk about Jamie and Jolene says he seems a bit down. Kenton makes a swift exit. Meanwhile, talk turns to the Christmas panto……
  • Harry is beginning to find Jazzer a bit of a nuisance. He’s eating everything in the house and wants Harry to buy his tobacco as well. Then he ruins the Sunday roast by turning the oven up. Harry decides Jazzer can buy lunch at the Bull as a punishment.
  • Nic tries to convince Clarrie that everything is going well and that Will is now okay about the baby but she doesn’t really seem too sure.
  • Once Kenton hears that Jamie is going to be at the Halloween do at the Bull, he entices Nigel into joining him in fancy dress to impress him.

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