Kate and Jennifer fall out over Phoebe, and Janet is summoned to see Bishop Cyril on Tuesday.

Radio Times: Jennifer tries a new gambit.

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  • At Home Farm, Kate and Jennifer are talking about the immediate future, particularly with regard to whether it would be right for Kate to take Phoebe back to South Africa with her. Much to Kate’s anger, Jenny sees Phoebe as being better placed with Roy, at least remaing in Ambridge. Kate storms out vowing to take it to court if necessary. Later on when they speak again, Jenny apologises for earlier. Kate reminds Jenny that since she had a similarly turbulent time when Adam was small – what would she have done if Roger, Debbie’s father, had wanted to go abroad? – she of all people should be able to empathise with Kate’s predicament.
  • Roy, Betty and Phoebe are at Church, where Janet delivers a sermon about self control and self denial. Hayley hasn’t come along as she is shopping for inspiration for bridesmaids dresses. Mike arrives after the service only to announce he’s off to the Bull for a pint with Tony before lunch. After the congregation have dispersed, Janet confides to Shula that hasn’t yet been able to speak to Tim about the Valentines card..
  • Back at Willow farm, whilst preparing lunch, Betty and Roy discuss the progress on the organic eggs venture. Mike arrives back from the pub amused to hear about the subject matter of Janet’s sermon, especially given the rumours in the village at the moment. Roy announces that he has decided to try for a Mediteranean honeymoon for him and Hayley – with overtime at Grey Gables it should be possible.
  • A distraught Janet visit Shula at home. She has been summonned to see the Bishop on Tuesday, and surely it can only be about one thing! Shula tries to comfort her, and says that Janet must speak to Tim first thing on Tuesday.

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